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October 25, 2006



1st. Happy belated birthday, 25yo girl, ahem. (not many 25yo are so energetic)
2nd. How do you feel in front of the audience? I stutter.
3rd. Stop grunting and groaning in advance; I envy your determination already.
4th. "I bought a new couch. It is white. I never use it." - it's a novel, right there.

Happy to see you back.

Michael Blowhard

Enjoying JLH, and great to see you back too.


Tatyana - public speaking is a part of my training and job and I have been doing it for years: I always get a little nervous, though. This last talk was a breakthrough; it was well received and I finally, after all these years, am starting to enjoy getting up in front of an audience.

Michael - thanks! I'm enjoying J's stuff too. He's such a particular person (that's my favorite saying from my Italian friend Ilaria - she uses 'particular person' to complement someone she thinks is special. Come to think of it, you and Tatyana are particular people too!)

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