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November 26, 2004


sumer sethi

i ve sent u URL from my blog
sumer's radiology site

this is a very realistic post that i noticed while reading a few journals.. rate of tubercular infection is particularly high in us Indian residents as compared to other countries.. personally i wud luv to add inhuman work hours to it too!! keep blogging!!

Primary Red

Please consider the following post for the blog mela

Indian Express is currently running a series of investigative reports on Gujarat's 2002 pogrom. This reporting raises questions central to our citizenship. This post draws attention to these questions.



Thanks for the nominations; they look very interesting!

Jitendra Sharma

Am a software professional from India, based in Nigeria, and prefer to highlight some local going-ons of interest.


Jitendra Sharma

Another one.

Jitendra Sharma

Seems URLs of my entries got missed out. So, here they are again :->


Dunno if this is eligible but nicely written.

Jitendra Chaudhary

i'd like to nominate my following Hindi post:

मोहल्ले का प्रेम प्रसंग

for this week's Blog Mela


Hello Madhu, this is a fun idea. It will take time to check out all the links, so I hope you will leave this post up for a while to give us all time to do it justice. If you notice any Indian bloggers posting - ideally from India's perspective - on oil and the Sudan - or issues relating to the EU, ICC, U.N. Security Council and reform - please link to them here and I will write a post on it at Sudan Watch and the Passion and link to them - and feature them at my other blog Asian Oil Watch. Thanks. I'm also interested in reading the views on these same issues of any (written in English) bloggers in Germany, Japan, Pakistan, China, Malaysia. Libya, Egypt, Iran, Africa, South Africa. If anyone ever comes across a blogger located in (or has connections to) in Khartoum, I'd be most grateful to know. Thanks.


Hi, sorry, me again. Just wanted to say thanks to Jitendra Sharma for connecting here. It's a great example of what I am looking for - someone based in Nigeria who prefers to highlight local stuff. Jitendra's written a neat post about the President of Nigeria (who also happens to be President of the African Union) pointing out that he earns quarter of a million dollars a month from his own farm. Nothing wrong in that. But I'm still trying to work out if such a man is a good guy or a bad guy. Many of us Sudan watchers admire what the African Union is aiming to achieve and we hold out great hope that it will provide African solutions to African problems - but I don't get why they are so slow to respond to genocide in Darfur (is the EU too slow in paying what they've pledged to the AU?) and why Africans recently voted against a UN General Assembly resolution condemning human rights violations in Sudan (as a result, it got thrown out, which must have been music to Khartoum's ears and a source of great comfort and encouragement).

What is all this cosy stuff going on? Is it ruthless evil corruption or such completely different cultures that are decades behind us when it comes to human rights? It's mind boggling. Some of the henchman in genocidal regimes and failed states are highly educated (some at Oxford in England).

Thanks Jitendra. Your blog is going in my sidebar at Sudan Watch this week and I shall visit on a regular basis. Any local area news (ideally not sourced through European or US media) re Sudan and the African Union and its President - and any other bloggers in Nigeria - would be most appreciated.

Primary Red


For some Indian views on the UN reform etc., please see:


Primary Red, great, thanks I've checked it out and it does look interesting. Surely I can't be the only person who found it near to impossible to read the dark font against such a dark patterned background. I'm curious to know if other readers can make out the posts. I had to highlight it and make font larger and still it did made for uncomfortable reading. Is this an Indian thing or what?! Madhu's blog layout, background and font here is perfect.


Hey, thanks for all the additional blog mela suggestions, guys! Patrix, I like that live journal link. It is well written.

Ingrid, dear, thank you for complementing the old blog. I'm thinking about a new layout, but only because I want it to look more arty and attractive :)



Please accept my nomination.


Jitendra Sharma

Many thanks Ingrid. I am grateful for nice and inspiring words. More so because I actually had not expected such an experienced and one of my favourite blogger to notice and comment upon a small post on a new blog of an amateur blogger (actually do not even know if there exists a breed called professional bloggers).
Thanks again,

अनूप शुक्ला

मेरा नामीनेशन है:-
मेरा पन्ना मतलब सबका पन्ना

अनूप शुक्ला ठेका मित्रा दां

अनूप शुक्ला

ये भारतीय क़ानून हैं

अनूप शुक्ला

यार जुलाहे

Anup Shukla


I thought the mela would be up by now. As it isn't yet, allow me to pop in my nomination.

Cabbing it to Pune

Cabbing it to Pune - II

Also Dilip D'Souza's Essence of a Queen



I am from pune India considering a job offer in Sudan Khartoum. Can anybody guide me regarding stay and working in Sudan.




I am from pune India considering a job offer in Sudan Khartoum. Can anybody guide me regarding stay and working in Sudan.

atul // email [email protected]

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