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May 26, 2004


enoch choi

ok, on one hand some docs will abuse something they can get paid for (e.g. some will push people to decrease their use of phonecalls which they don't get paid for, and instead do online consults which they can get $). On the other hand, many people find that it's easier to consult online, more efficient, and clearly documented in their record what they wanted. We've had a great success in our group with online consults, and we don't get paid for them in CA. It's just more efficient and better quality care.


enoch, I think you are right. I have a tendency to be too cynical but I do think that it will improve overall efficiency. I was thinking of pathology where e-mailing docs is one more step in the chain of things we do, rather than an alternative to sending a hard copy. Which is good, we just don't get reimbursed for it, so it 'eats' up time that could be used in other ways.

Overall, you are right I think. It is better for the patient which is the most important thing. I was being too flip. Thanks for calling me on it :)


I can't find much online about this new program; all that I see is an old issue of Hippocrates:

do you have news links?

enoch choi

Nick, try these posts of mine (the 4th & 5th are probably of most interest to you):

or check out Craig's last post about this:


Nick, it's from a boston globe article from a couple days ago - found it on the website.

enoch - thanks for the links. Really interested in reading them when I get a chance!


Thanks, people!

sarah smelley

i need a telephone number for dr.bradley here in nacogdoches,texas. his office #, ok.

Christine Jenkins

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