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May 27, 2004


Trent McBride

I found a link to your site ate I am a 3rd year student preparing to enter a pathology residency, and I am pleased to see another pathologist blogger. I have my own personal blog at Where do you practice, and what could you tell me about your program?

I have been thinking lately about trying to start a pathology blog when I begin my residency. It would like to build interest through as many academic programs as possible, and use the blog for people to present interesting cases daily. What do you think? Would you be interested in participating if I could get it off the ground?


hey I have a question. whey you are looking at cells and tissues for PAP smears or you ever think about the people, u know like, "ok, susie smith, your cells look pretty normal" or "sorry Horace, but your prostate is not looking too good"


Trent: I am delighted to hear that you are interested in a career in pathology. Yeah!

I have thought of doing the blog thing more formally, but I have been so busy with service work that I haven't had time to pursue it. I am leery of discussing actual cases in a completely public forum, but I do have some ideas. Checked out your website - promise to e-mail with those ideas when I get a chance. Thank you so much for commenting.

Sandra: Great question. I do think of the patients every time I look at a specimen - I never forget that those bits of tissue belong to a person, someone's precious mom, sister, aunt. I think pathologists sometimes get a bad rap as, shall we say, socially challenged. Not true at all in my experience. We really care very much about doing a good job.

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